Voltage Sensor

The Ecofront energy monitor has up to 3 voltage measuring inputs. These are matched to CT sensors are used to help accurately calculate power consumption and power factor. The energy monitor cannot read high voltages directly and must use the EFPVT-240 voltage sensor.

The EFPVT-240 is a potential transformer that provides a linear output voltage proportional to the input voltage. The output voltage is 2 volt when the input voltage is 250VAC and will work with most standard mains AC circuits up to 380VAC.

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Input voltage 100 ~ 380VAC @ 50/60Hz
Output voltage Max 4V @ 50/60Hz
Rated current ratio: 2mA/2mA
Accuracy: 1%
Input leads: 14AWG, double insulated blue and brown pair, 1 meter long
Output leads: 26AWG, double insulated black and red pair, 2 meters long
Operating Temperature: -40~85°C
Case Material: Black ABS, UL94V-0
Dimensions (mm): Body: L79.25 W52.07 H40.13
Input cable: 1000
Output cable: 2000
  efpvt-240_voltage sensor