EcoFront Pro Energy Monitor

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  • Monitor 3 phase mains and 16 sub-circuits
  • Meter grade accuracy on mains channels
  • Power factor calculations on mains channels
  • All channels capable of monitoring up to 100A
  • Monitor solar power generation
  • Control circuits via relays

Tablet not included

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Monitor single or dual phase electrical systems in real time green-tick Monitor three phase electrical systems in real time green-tick
Monitor water and gas consumption in real time green-tick Mains Channels | Sub-circuits 2 / 16
Mains Channel Maximum Input 250A Sub-circuits Maximum Input 100A
Power Factor on Mains green-tick Power factor on sub-circuits grey-cross
Graphical display of energy usage patterns by hour, day or month green-tick Monitor solar power generation green-tick
Monitor solar power exported grey-cross Monitor battery storage charging grey-cross
Monitor battery storage discharging grey-cross Data logging and export for extrapolation and analysis green-tick
Generate monthly usage reports by email green-tick Set targets and send email notification if usage exceeds targets green-tick
Monitor sensor and control electrical circuits via digital I/O green-tick Enable DSM (Demand Side Management) of Power Circuits green-tick

Additional information

Weight 0.73 kg
Dimensions 15.3 × 28.3 × 3.3 cm
Main Processor

32 bit @147.5MHz


3 mains meter grade CT sensor inputs (75A and
250A CT sensor options), 16 general purpose sub circuit CT sensor inputs (20A, 40A and 100A CT sensor outputs), 3 pulse capture inputs (opto
isolator inputs rated to 24VDC), 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs (12VDC @ 50mA), 4 LED display outputs

Data Ports

1 x RS422/RS485 1 x TTL UART

Network Interface

10/100Base-T Ethernet



Network Protocols


LCD Display

2 x 16 Char LCD module


Case – Aluminum


External case is black

Operating Environment

-5°C~45°C at 85% relative humidity

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