500A Split Core CT Sensor (36.0mm)

EMS energy monitors use CT sensors to monitor current. The sensors connect to the analog inputs on the energy monitor, of which there are three types:

  • Source (SRC) channels SRC1&2 on the standard unit and SRC1,2&3 on the Pro unit
  • Sub Circuit channels CH1~8 on the standard unit and CH1~16 on the Pro unit.
  • All channels on the Ecomon unit.

For the Ecofront and Ecofront Pro the SRC channels and the sub circuit channels serve different functions – they measure current in different ways and therefore use different sensor types.

For the Ecomon all channels can be configured to monitor any combination of mains or sub-circuits.

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Part Number: EFCTL36CLS500A
Description: 500A Split Core CT
Windings: 3000
Rated input current (Arms): 500
Max input current(Arms): 600
Rated voltage: 250VAC
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ@500Vdc
Dielectric strength: 2500V (r.m.s)
Nominal linearity error: -1 ± 1%
Case material: Nylon Resin UL94-V0
Case colour: White
Operating temperature: -16~60°C
Dimensions (mm):