Metering and Monitoring in the new Green Star for Buildings tool

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released their new Green Star for Buildings Submission Guidelines, which represents a new generation of sustainable buildings in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Green Star Buildings sets out the criteria that must be met to deliver healthy, resilient, and positive places for people and nature. It aims to meet current and future demands on the built environment with aspirational benchmarks for addressing the key issues of the next decade: Climate action, resource efficiency, and health and wellbeing.

Current rating tool: Green Star Buildings v1 Released: 29/10/20 Available from

The Green Star metering and monitoring credit in the new tool is now called Verification and Handover.

The Verification and Handover credit combines many of the credits that were previously in the Management category such as Commissioning and Tuning, Building Information, as well as Metering and Monitoring.

The desired outcome of the Verification and Handover credit is that a building has been optimised and handed over to deliver a high level of performance in operation.  The credit requires that not only will a building be commissioned and tuned, but that the building will be set up for optimum ongoing management due to its appropriate metering and monitoring systems.

For the metering and monitoring requirements in the Verification and Handover credit requires that:

The building must have accessible energy and water metering for all common uses, major uses, and major sources. The meters must be connected to a monitoring system capable of capturing and processing the data produced by the meters.
The meters and monitoring systems must:
Provide continual information (up to 1-hour interval readings);
Be commissioned and validated per the most current ‘Validating Non-Utility Meters for NABERS Ratings’ protocol, or National Measurement Institute (NMI) standards;
Be capable of identifying inaccuracies in the meter network and producing alerts. Inaccuracies are defined as those over meter tolerances based on their metering accuracy class (e.g. ‘Class 1’ meters shall not have inaccuracies of more than 1% due to metering accuracy class); and
Be sufficient to support future achievement of a NABERS rating.

The EcoMon team has extensive Green Star experience and we can work with the GSAP and the project design team to provide a Green Star compliant metering and monitoring system and to produce the documentation required for the Green Star certification submission.

Working with our parent company – Organica Engineering P/L, we will produce the following Metering and Monitoring documentation for certification submission:

Drawings showing the location of all energy and water meters in the project and the associated energy and water uses;
Letter of confirmation from the contractor/metering provider/manager demonstrating that the metering systems are continually and automatically monitored by a system that is able to produce alerts if any inaccuracies are found;
Copy of Monitoring Strategy document specific to the building; and
Automatic monitoring system data sheet describing the systems features and capabilities.

EcoMon is a standalone energy metering and monitoring systems that is separate from the building’s BMS.  Having a separate system for metering and monitoring increases security as EcoMon does not expose the BMS to web based attacks or hacking in any way. Many BMS based metering and monitoring systems are overly complicated, metering every pump and fan, while not providing a clear picture of how the overall building systems are performing.

EcoMon works by monitoring specific energy circuits (using clamp on CT sensors over the top of the wires). EcoMon also has pulse inputs for monitoring water (and other pulse or flashing light) meters. If required we can provide wireless links (using Lora) to remote water meters away from the main switchboard.  EcoMon stores up to five years of hourly or 15 minute data on the device and has a built in web server allowing users to log into the device to monitor historic energy and water performance.  Ecomon can also send automated messages and reports for power usage or leak detection. EcoMon also measures power factor on every circuit for even better accuracy.

Above: office installation metering 36 building circuits, complete with 4G web connection for password protected monitoring from any computer.

EcoMon does have some basic control functions that can be usefully used as demand response or virtual powerplant functions to help increase grid resilience. This may assist the project team to also claim the Resilience credit 20. for Demand Response.

If you would like to know more about EcoMon Green Star energy metering and monitoring, please get in contact with us below to discuss your project or to request a quote.