Green Star Metering and Monitoring

EcoMon meters are specifically designed to be Green Star compliant.

We provide a complete package for Green Star compliance for the following tools:

  • Green Star for Buildings
  • Green Star Design and As-Built
  • Green Star Performance

Benefits of EcoMon for green star compliance:

  • EcoMon provides targeted sub-metering information. Instead of metering every fan and pump, EcoMon provides clear information on what the major building circuits are doing, aligning well with Green Star metering and monitoring requirements.
  • EcoMon can be configured to email reports and warnings to the facilities manager.
  • EcoMon can be retrofit into existing buildings, or added on top of a BMS system.
  • EcoMon is lower cost that most BMS or BMS add-on systems.
  • The EcoMon system is separate from you BMS, increasing the security of your BMS for critical building systems.
  • The EcoMon data is stored in the device (on an SD card) not in the cloud, so you retain ownership and security of your submetering data.
  • EcoMon can be used to display sustainability statistics and building information in a lobby, staff room or reception.

Green Star for Buildings (new in 2020)

The Green Star for Buildings credit requires that metering and monitoring complies with the following:

Responsible Buildings Category – Verification and Handover (Credit 3) requirements:

“The building must have accessible energy and water metering for all common uses, major uses, and major sources. The meters must be connected to a monitoring system capable of capturing and processing the data produced by the meters. The meters and monitoring systems must:

  • Provide continual information (up to 1-hour interval readings);
  • Be commissioned and validated per the most current ‘Validating Non-Utility Meters for NABERS Ratings’ protocol, or National Measurement Institute (NMI) standards;
  • Be capable of identifying inaccuracies in the meter network and producing alerts. Inaccuracies are defined as those over meter tolerances based on their metering accuracy class (e.g. ‘Class 1’ meters shall not have inaccuracies of more than 1% due to metering accuracy class); and
  • Be sufficient to support future achievement of a NABERS rating.”

EcoMon metering packages comply with these requirements. EcoMon units can meter all circuits in the switchboard, plus have additional inputs for measuring pulse inputs from water and gas meters.

Monitoring is built into the computer embedded within the EcoMon device. Password protected data is stored on-site in the EcoMon unit which is accessible from any computer on the local network, or from any internet connected computer if required. Data can be easily read through charts and reports, or regularly emailed to a specified email address. Alerts and warnings can be set up from within the device.

Additionally, we have data analytics and Green Star experience to help produce the commissioning, monitoring or reporting documentation required for Green Star certification.

Green Star – Performance assesses the operational performance of existing buildings across nine impact categories.

Green Star -performance is used by building owners to measure how successfully they are managing their existing assets, and helps to communicate this commitment to investors and building users. A ‘continuous improvement framework’ has been built into the tool as the certification process is on a three year cycle, this allows for improvements to be recognised over time.

EcoMon Energy monitoring can help you achieve the following credits.

Metering and Monitoring To recognise the operational practices which facilitate the effective ongoing monitoring of water and energy consumption. Up to 2 points. 3.1 Building Metering
3.2 Action Monitoring Systems
Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1 pathway per project. Up to 23 points. 15A Data NABERS Energy
15B Data Commercial Building Baseline Study
15C Data Peer Group of Comparable Buildings
15D Data Longitudinal Benchmarking
Peak Electricity Demand 1 pathway per project. Up to 1 point. 16A Data Peer Group of Comparable Buildings
16B Data Longitudinal Benchmarking
Potable Water 1 pathway per project. Up to 10 points 19A Data NABERS Water
19B Data Industry Developed Potable Water Benchmarks
19C Data Peer Group of Comparable Buildings
19D Data Longitudinal Benchmarking

Dedicated sub-metering is particularly useful if NABERS certified pathway is not used, as the energy and water credits require a breakdown of average annual energy use for each major end use during the performance period. EcoMon submetering can provide real data on the end use energy % if Green Star Performance Energy pathway B or C is used in certification.

EcoMon energy monitoring complies with the Green Star performance requirements for metering and monitoring.

We can help by undertaking a needs analysis, installing and commissioning the metering equipment, and by providing a cost effective pathway to collect Green Star performance data to help you achieve your certification.