April 2, 2014



Investing in an ECOMON energy monitor is one thing but what does it do?

We can provide consulting services though our parent company Organica Engineering to help you undertake energy use analysis and to provide assistance in understanding and responding to data.

We only use and recommend quality energy monitoring systems and energy solutions for all your business energy cost reduction objectives.

We provide appropriate energy monitor systems including data acquisition and extraction of that data from either singular or multiple locations and energy sources. EMS provide both large and small scale data acquisition services. Raw data is easily exported to spreadsheets for detailed analysis.
We provide services in the collection and analysis of energy usage data. With sophisticated energy monitor systems, EMS are able to pinpoint inefficiencies in energy usage. With a thorough understanding of a client’s site we are able to identify and implement changes to maximise energy efficiency and minimise costs.
Energy cost reduction has become a key objective for businesses and consumers due to increases in the cost of energy resources. Investing in environmental energy efficient solutions is the most progressive opportunity to effectively change the way all Australians use our energy resources.

What would be the benefits of installing an energy monitor!

Energy Monitor Functionalities


ECOMON Energy Monitor Installed
  • Energy MonitorECOMON

    ProjectSolar and battery storage Monitoring

    CustomerRed Energy

    Activity – Monitor two homes for the evaluation of solar PV combined with battery storage. Included in the monitoring was PV generation and export as well as battery consumption and supply. The ECOMON was accessed via 3G data communications.


Installation of EcoFront Pro Energy Monitor
  • Energy MonitorEcoFront Pro

    ProjectClunes Community and Interactive Centre (CCIC)

    CustomerHepburn Shire Council

    Activity – Supply and install an Ecofront Pro energy monitor for the analysis of the CCIC’s electricity consumption. The Ecofront Pro was connected to the Shires network providing them with direct access to the data.

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