November 10, 2012

Ecomon Eco Monitoring solutions

ECOMON 12 channel and

ECOMON LITE 6 channel energy monitors
Meter grade accuracy on all channels Power factor calculations on all channels All channels capable of monitoring up to 500A Monitor solar generation and export Monitor battery storage input and output Digital outputs for circuit control Stores data on the device - you retain control of your data

ECOMON Energy Monitoring Systems can monitor a wide variety of applications for commercial and residential buildings.
We can supply and install our range of EcoMon Energy monitors and accessories.

  • The devices monitor 6 or 12 circuits, or they can be expanded to monitor up to 60 three phase circuits.
  • We can include Voltage, Mains and Sub-circuit sensors, as well as WiFi, LoRa and 3G/4G communication options to allow you access to your EcoMon data from any computer.
  • We specialise in Green Star metering and monitoring solutions, as well as allowing building owners and managers a deeper understanding of their assets.

ECOMON Energy Monitoring  focus is to empower businesses with appropriate energy monitor systems and tools. To assist with maximising capital investment and minimising energy usage.

  • The ECOMON 12 Channel and ECOMON Lite 6 Channel, are advanced energy monitor systems taking energy management to the next level.
  • The ECOMON energy monitor series has meter grade accuracy on every channel and is designed to assist businesses in achieving their energy consumption objectives.
  • ECOMONS can monitor circuits, and they can also control circuits using optional contactors (relays) allowing smart building upgrades, or custom DRM (Demand Response Mode) devices via RS-485 to reduce the energy demand of behind the meter devices.
  • ECOMONS also have Pulse Inputs – allowing you to connect the device to new or existing water or gas meters that have pulse outputs. We can connect to water and gas pulse meters using hard wire or wireless (LoRa) connections.
  • ECOMONS can also monitor and read electrical authority meter light pulses – allowing you to legally read the authority meter without physically tampering with it in any way.
ECOMON energy monitor system

Ecomon Energy Monitor – 12 channel

Ecomon Lite Energy Monitor – 6 channel

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ECOMON GRAPH DISPLAY - Daily, monthly, yearly views

Watch the ECOMON video on how the energy monitor graph display works and how you can interact with it.
Energy Monitor Functions