EcoMon energy and environmental monitoring

ECOMON Energy Monitoring Systems to meter and monitor commercial and residential buildings

Utilities are changing as the grid becomes decentralised, and buildings start to produce and store, and even trade more of their own energy. EcoMon empowers businesses with energy, water, gas and environmental monitoring systems and tools. We help to understand and manage the energy and resource flows in your building. Whether your goal is to save costs, improve indoor environmental quality, reduce environmental impacts, or gain green building certifications, EcoMon systems can help. Our mission is to support the green building and energy transition with good data and systems intelligence.
Green Star building metering and monitoring

EcoMon can supply Green Star compliant and affordable energy metering and monitoring systems for your green building.
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Commercial Building Submetering

EcoMon can monitor Electricity, Water and Gas usage as well as Indoor Air Quality from one convenient, secure and easy to use system.
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Green Homes

EcoMon can monitor complex home systems such as solar, batteries, heating, hot water and electric cars, so you can understand and manage your energy usage.
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Virtual Powerplants (VPP) and Demand Response

EcoMon can monitor and control circuits. We partner with energy organisations to go behind the meter – allowing many distributed devices to play a part in stabilising the grid through demand response.
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Why Eco Monitoring

ECOMON Energy Monitoring focus is to empower businesses with appropriate energy monitor systems and data analysis support. Energy cost and environmental footprint reduction has become a key objective for businesses and consumers. Investing in environmental and energy monitoring solutions is the most progressive opportunity to effectively manage the way all Australians use our energy resources.Contact Us

The Internet of Things revolution has arived with many technologies, tools and equipment designed to manage how we supply and utilise energy. IoT has been slow to arrive. There were multiple barriers stopping the revolution from taking place: market immaturity and complexity, high technology deployment and maintenance cost, inconsistent standards and limited skilled resources. Ecomon has solved many of these issies. You can read more about solutions for commercial and residential buildings to help reduce carbon footprints and save substantial amounts of money on bills.
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ECOMON 12 channel and

ECOMON LITE 6 channel energy monitors
Meter grade accuracy on all channels Power factor calculations on all channels All channels capable of monitoring up to 500A Monitor solar generation and export Monitor battery storage input and output Digital outputs for circuit control Stores data on the device - you retain control of your data